Lucky Lotto  and love
Lucky Lotto  and love
Lucky Lotto  and love

Lucky Lotto and love

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Our favorite symbols on earth! 

Elephants : In the most general, universal meaning, the elephant symbolizes strength and power. This meaning refers to both the body and the mind. The elephant is also seen as a sort of spirit guide to help us along a journey that requires patience. 

Lotus Flower: The flower is regarded in many different cultures, especially in eastern religions, as a  symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. Its characteristics are a perfect analogy for the human condition: even when its roots are in the dirtiest waters, the Lotus produces the most beautiful flower.

Heart: LOVE -no definition at all, LOCE IS LOVE.

Turkish eye:  It is the Nazar, an old amulet, very popular in the Mediterranean countries. 

It is an amulet used since ancient times to protect oneself against the Evil Eye and negative energies. It can be found in different colors, depending on the use you want to give it.The original Nazar Boncuk is made of blue glass with a flat drop shape. It is composed of concentric circles that form an eye in the center to which the protective forces are attributed.