Sisters Delia and Mari Olivieri, Caracas, Venezuela born and raised, decided to leave behind their successful professional careers for more than 20 years as a teacher and an attorney to fulfill their dream and founded DEMASIADO in 2014.

Their fashion brand stands up from the needs to find different and stylish pieces on the market. Whats really special about their designs is that each one has a story to tell, every piece is infused with culture and transmits a special feelings when you wear it. Every item is handmade uniquely and you can be sure that they are designed and tailored to be kept for generations.

We felt that there was a uniformity in the dress code, and while some people enjoy looking like others, there are those who prefer to be different, and thats DEMASIADO, said Mari.

Inspired by their mom Teresita, the brand is born. When Delia and Mari were growing they always saw her enjoying sewing dresses designed by her for special events: piñatas, carnivals, cocktails, marriages... That was how fabrics, lace, trimmings, and different textures were present in our day to day life. We give a great importance to the quality of the fabrics, to the combination of textures, and the beauty of images thanks to herDelia added.

DEMASIADO is a project that theyve dreamed of for years, and is also a family entrepreneurship in which different generations from their mother, daughters, nieces and relatives have fun designing unique and vibrant pieces for a woman who wants to look different.

Behind the name DEMASIADO

When Latinas see something they really like they use the expression: “¡Esto es DEMASIADO!,  which would translate to WOW, thats DEMASIADO!. Since that was a reaction they got most of the time when people started seeing their designs, they decided it was the perfect name for their easy-to-love brand.

Design process:

Mari and Delia not only travel across many places over the world to find the most uncommon, stunning, sustainable, and colorful fabrics, fringes and trimmings, but also design their own textiles that highlight iconic images from Venezuela and the world. In their designs you can see how theyre inspired by Venezuelan landscapes, architecture, fauna and flora. Since their designs reflect a touch of knowledge of our incredible planet, it's abundant resources and the ancestral ethnicities and their traditions they consider DEMASIADO not only a fashion brand but a culture fashionbrand.

Trajectory & social impact:

DEMASIADO has positioned itself as a reference in the market. We are considered innovative, very originals, based on the trend of the international runway. Nowadays theyre working on developing new materials, focusing in organic fabrics and a sustainable world. Mari and Delia are using and transforming all remnant of the materials in the atelier into new fashion pieces.

The brand contributes to a beautiful social project ethically oriented that helps children from their country of origin, which is currently economically destroyed. Every time you buy a piece from us, a percentage of the purchase is donated towards feeding more than 300 kids in need!

The passion and the heart these sisters put into their work are the key elements of their success. DEMASIADO crossed borders, as it can also be found in Mexico, Canada, United States of America and Norway. The newest branch is in Miami, Florida and with this new window, www.shopdemasiado.com, we pretend to have you very close to our designs!


Welcome to the DEMASIADO family! We are extremely happy with the result!both agreed.